Sunday, 13 January 2008

Distance betwen you and million dollar idea

The distance between you and a million dollars is, now, in this Internet age, only as far away as one good, simple idea. That might as well be Nebraska for some of us, but I’m sure if we all sat down and tried to determine a cool website idea we’d strike virtual gold well before Tom Cruise does his next talk show meltdown. What are some of the great, simple ideas that have netted people fortunes in the past?

The problem with the “small simple idea that makes you millions” is that, once realised, the creator might have sweet sauce all to do with their lives; if they don’t have a passion for work in some other sense then they might well turn to drugs or rare Barry Manilow recordings like Bjorn Borg (I don’t know about the Barry bit, but he definitely did the drugs).

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