Sunday, 13 January 2008

3 Keys To Million Dollar Idea: Confidence,Timing & Opportunity

I remember as a kid riding in my dad’s car past a field that was vacant at the end of our street and he would say about once a week, “someone should really build a car wash there, they would make a killing.” It was is on the corner of a busy intersection in Aurora, Colorado and My Sister-in-Law lives in the same neighborhood I grew up in so occasionally we drive by this intersection, and guess what? Yep, there is a car wash there now. Had my dad followed through on his idea, we would be the ones making about 5 bucks a car now with a line on Saturday Mornings of people waiting to wash that oh so nice ice melt chemical residue off their shiny cars! But we are not. I remember he had a lot of ideas like this one, and now much later people are doing what he was thinking about 20 years ago!

What makes the difference between people that do, and people that think about doing? Why is it that with so many idea floating around in my head, only about 1% I actually do? It could be resources; there was no way my dad had enough extra money when I was younger to finance a car wash business. But over the years I have learned that “vision” drives resources… if you have a good enough idea, or vision of the future, you can sell almost anything, so I don’t buy a shortage of resources anymore. I have been in jobs where my yearly budget was about $6K a year, and jobs when my budget was $100K a year, and the less money we had the harder we worked, but the better the teamwork, the more focused the outcome and the better the service was! Really…

So I don’t think the reason some people accomplish incredible things and some don’t is focused around money or helpers… I think it is focused on timing, opportunity and confidence. I think having people around you that can help you and the money to do stuff is a confidence builder, but that is not the only way. Right now I am going through a time of my life when I feel incredible energy. It is like I expect lightning at any moment, the air is jumping with anticipation and electricity, and I am primed for action… I cant say that I have ever experienced this kind of thing before, but I just know that something big is about to happen! I am suddenly a big believer in timing…

Opportunity; we have all heard the old adages that suggest when it knocks we open the door, but how often does it really knock? I have had several opportunities come along, but I wouldn’t say tons. I do think that you have to jump at the opportunities that come, no matter how big or small, and go for it. Sometimes you will land on your feet and sometimes you will land on your butt, but you have to take a risk once in a while. You can always pick yourself up and try again. I came across a verse recently that said, “Risk your life and get more than you ever dreamed of. Play it safe and end up holding the bag.” (Luke 19:26 The Message) I have a love hate relationship with taking risks… I think it is because I hate to make a mistake, I hate to lose and I constantly second guess myself. But I have also seen taking risks pay off huge dividends, I risked a move to Texas and learned a ton, I am glad we went, even though it was one of the hardest things we have ever done.

So the last thing is confidence. Do you have it? Do I have it? It seems like that is the million dollar question. Especially when faced with an opportunity that requires a great deal of risk. The hard thing about confidence is that if you are just picking yourself up off your butt from the last risk you took, it may be a whole lot harder to try again. I think sometimes confidence and perseverance go hand in hand. When you know that you have something or are something that no one else sees at the time, it takes a great deal of confidence to persevere until you can step into your opportunity.

I have found that at different times I have had one or two of these things; Opportunity, Timing, and Confidence, but rarely have all three lined up for me. But now, I am looking down the line and seeing a convergence of the three, a virtual lining up like on a slot machine – and I am waiting for the “jackpot” to fire. I am waiting for bells and whistles, for the lights and sirens, for the incredible and the unbelievable. My confidence is not my own, I could never claim to be what I need to be to make this happen. The timing has absolutely nothing to do with me, I couldn’t have aligned all the circumstances if I was the most powerful man in the world. The opportunity is once in a lifetime, a small group of people on the edge of seeing unimaginable positive things happen. It is amazing right now to be a part of the history that is occurring around me. It will be big; I would love you to come along for the ride… 2008 is the start of something huge… it wont be the same without you… come be a part…

Here is to your 2008. May your timing converge on your life, may opportunity rip down your door, may your be so sure in your journey that nothing can shake you - be your absolute best this year, and do not compromise one bit of yourself. You are an amazing person, and there is no need for you to settle.

Graham Prouty

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