Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Music Contest Makes a Copy of the 'Million Dollar Homepage' Idea

Like the million-dollar homepage before it, Audio Uprising asks people to buy little advertising plots on a big grid; the twist is that each plot links to a band profile page rather than to a sponsor's website. Each 10 pixel X 10 pixel block on the site costs $10, and there's no limit to how many blocks a band can buy, although they can only upload one song per grouping.

Visitors vote on the bands, and the winner gets between $10K and $50K (depending on how many other bands buy in to the system) plus a showcase concert in their home town. Unlike OurStage, an online music contest that has safeguards in place to stop bands from gaming the system, AudioUprising was designed with the opposite notion in mind, so the winning band will be the one that can pull the most votes towards the site:

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