Wednesday, 10 October 2007

3 Ways to reach a Success

Many people now-a-days find it difficult to finish projects. Because they cannot bring closure to their tasks they are not positioning themselves to experience significant levels of increasing success in their lives.

There are hundreds if not thousands of things that could actually be contributing to this phenomenon, but the biggest arguably is the vast amount of information that is made available to us on a daily basis.

Having instant access to an unlimited amount of information can be a great asset, but it can also prove to be the “Achilles heel” to your search for success.

At any given time, I have several hundred emails sitting in my inbox clamoring for my attention. If that wasn’t enough my phone most f the time seems to be ringing off the hook! If I go online to do research for a particular interest, I am confronted with hundreds of thousands of possible “answers” to my research question.

So while I might be able to find absolutely anything I want using the internet, I might not have or be able to afford to invest the time that it would take obtain all of the necessary information that I seek form the net.

We can all agree that Information is virtually unlimited for anyone of us. What is not unlimited is our time. This is why mastering focus in our lives is so important. That is why today I want to share with you three methods of making sure you keep your focus and stay on track.

1. Create an Information management schedule system that works for you.
Most people cannot deal with the mountains of information that is dumped upon them on a daily basis because they have not created a system to do so.

For example, you can set a time each day where you are going to check email. Get rid of the junk/spam; respond to any pressing needs, and either read the great newsletters and content that add value to your life OR create a folder where you can place them for later reading.

NOTE: I strongly recommend you deal with your email ONCE. Try to avoid at all costs “touching” an email more than once…answer it, assimilate it (read it and take in what you need) or delete it. If you choose to file your emails, maybe you can set another time during the day where you read emails you filed.

Systemize the way you handle calls as well. Setup a time during the day where you will deal with phone calls that come in. You can even create a voicemail message in your system that tells them exactly when you will be returning their calls to them. At that set time, you can return the calls and people will appreciate that you told them ahead of time when to expect a call back from you.

2. Work on ONE project at a time

I have to admit. I have been guilty of this myself. I have come to learn that there is tremendous power in laser like focus on one single item or project at a time. Too many times we get scattered around doing 7 things at the same time.

Or while in the middle of a project we get our next latest and greatest million dollar idea and we abandon our current project to being working on our new idea…big mistake. Next thing you now a year has passed by and now we have 5 unfinished projects. If we would just focus, we would have finished the first one in 2 months and we can then move on the next one.

3. Create a Mind Map for Your project.

A good way to help keep you focused is to create a MIND MAP of your project. This will help you see the intricacies of your project while being able to get focused on the next step that needs to get done. Mind Maps are great to keep track of your progress while staying focused on the next crucial step in the process.

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