Wednesday, 30 May 2007

7 Lost Secrets of Success: Million Dollar Ideas of Bruce Barton, America's Forgotten Genius

A new book overview. It seems to me very interesting:

This is a guide to the wisdom of 1920s marketing guru Bruce Barton, cofounder of BBDO. "The Seven Lost Secrets of Success" is the completely updated revision of Joe Vitale's 1992 self published book of the same name. This was the world's first book on the marketing and advertising secrets of Bruce Barton, 1920s celebrity and cofounder of the famous BBDO ad agency. Reprinted 11 times, "The Seven Lost Secrets of Success" has an underground following who consider it an inspirational bible. Besides the seven secrets revealed in the book, it also contains a 1925 sales letter that pulled a 100 percent response rate, as well as rare ads by Bruce Barton.

Author: Joe Vitale
ISBN: 9780470108109

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